Accessories made from green salmon leather

Since January I have a beautiful green salmon leather in the range. The raw material comes from Irish organic salmon farms and is tanned with plant-based substances in Thuringia. The

Big handbag made from salmon leather

For a customer, I made a bag from turquoise salmon leather. The back of the bag is made of a vegetable-tanned cowhide nappa leather. With dimensions of 36 x 13

Small handbag made of natural gray salmon leather

For a customer, I made the “Selvatn” handbag from a natural gray salmon leather with a smooth surface. The fish leather was tanned with alum. This technique preserves the color

Selvatn handbag made of cod leather with strap

For a customer, I made the handbag Selvatn from cod leather and added a shoulder strap.

A bow tie from salmon leather

The bow tie made from salmon leather – a noble detail to suit your outfit. It was a customer request, which drove us to design a bow tie made from