Accessories made from green salmon leather

Since January I have a beautiful green salmon leather in the range. The raw material comes from Irish organic salmon farms and is tanned with plant-based substances in Thuringia. The natural pigmentation of the fish is preserved when tanning, which is why the color changes between silvery green, slightly brownish and dark green.

I had the wonderful opportunity to design a complete range of accessories made of reed green salmon leather. This has resulted in pencil cases, a Unifold business card holder, a Bifold business card holder and a lanyard. And of course there is also a story about the brass ring on the lanyard! Georgia Scherke from Dresden made it! Ms. Scherke is one of the last in Saxony to practice the belting profession. She forms metals into articles of daily use and jewelry, is extremely familiar with patination and easily combines different metals with each other. In the last picture you can see how Ms. Scherke welded one of my rings with silver wire! I love the idea of assembling makers, their knowledge and characters together in my products.