Accessories made from green salmon leather

Since January I have a beautiful green salmon leather in the range. The raw material comes from Irish organic salmon farms and is tanned with plant-based substances in Thuringia. The

Evening bag made from saffron yellow cod leather

The saffron yellow cod leather convinces with its natural surface and its radiant luminosity. The scale pockets are left open, which sometimes retain small scales from tanning process. The small

Big handbag made from salmon leather

For a customer, I made a bag from turquoise salmon leather. The back of the bag is made of a vegetable-tanned cowhide nappa leather. With dimensions of 36 x 13

Small handbag made of natural gray salmon leather

For a customer, I made the “Selvatn” handbag from a natural gray salmon leather with a smooth surface. The fish leather was tanned with alum. This technique preserves the color

Kleine Tasche aus dunkelblauem Lachsleder

Für eine Kundin habe ich die “Selvatn” Handtasche aus einem dunkelblauen Lachsleder mit offenen Schuppentaschen angefertigt. Die unbehandelte Oberfläche hebt die Textur der Fischhaut besonders hervor und gibt dem Material

Selvatn handbag made of cod leather with strap

For a customer, I made the handbag Selvatn from cod leather and added a shoulder strap.