The exhibition „Echt Alt / Original Old“ about UPCYCLING in the Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig

Do you know the Kunstkraftwerk in Leipzig? During the Leipzig Design Weekend with the two fairs “Grassi Messe” and “Designers Open” people could experience that amazing industrial architecture and its projects due to an exhibition about Upcycling called „Echt Alt / Original Old“. But what does it really mean to upcycle? Giving a useless thing a new function? A kind of second life? Is upcycling just one of those short-lived trends of industry? Or is it an honest need which represents our consciousness for a healthy lifestyle? Upcycling goes together with sustainability. Upcycling is connected to the creation of something made from waste. For example, a yarn made from plastic garbage floating in our oceans or old Euro pallets becoming new shelves. Upcycling cleans up? Can Upcycling become a company’s strategy for economic success? Or does Upcycling just stay a hobby? All these questions could be discussed with a bunch of eager designers and their products. I took advantage of the event to show my more or less artistic designs with Icelandic fish leather. As you can see people enjoyed to try my ideas! Thanks to the Kunstkraftwerk and to the curator Lilly Bozzo-Costa!