In this Akrar we have processed cod leather, which was produced in Iceland with the help of alum. This tanning technique brings up the natural color of the fish. Cod leather has an exciting, detailed and irregularly designed surface. Dark and light brown dots, sometimes far apart, sometimes close together, alternate with turquoise and blue dots, all on an icy-blue, light-gray base.

We do not reinforce Akrar with any other material, so the back of the fish skin stays visible inside the case. Thus, you can feel fish skin in its texture and robustness – a quality that you would not have expected at first glance.

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Additional information
  • Etui aus Fischleder Dorschleder

  • Dimensions 22 x 1 x 4.5 cm
    Fish leather type

    alum tanned, cod skin

    Colour of fish leather

    slightly bluish, slightly greenish, with irregularly spread light brown, blue dots

    Character of fish leather

    closed scale pockets, paper-like, sleek, slightly waxy


    silver coloured metal zipper fabricated in Italy

    Manufactured in

    Leipzig / Germany