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We hike along the Jökulsá á Fjöllum. We are somewhere between Dettifoss and Ásbyrgi. Small, clear streams flow from the high plateau down into the valley and feed the muddy waters of the large glacier river. The water rolls over the boulders and atomizes into a fine mist that lies softly on the skin. And the angelica bends over. It dips the tips of its large leaves into the turbulent water. It prospers. Powerful.

Nachhaltiges Modedesign

Rothöll’s collection

Reed green salmon leather and the angelica

We fell in love with this color. It is our first green collection. But it’s not only the color, the materials used are also green. Green in the sense of sustainable and environmentally friendly. Green fashion. Salmon leather and lining leather are made with purely vegetable tannins in Germany. Our reed green goes very well with all other colors. We are approaching in the green. We are careful and do not want to leave any traces.

Engelwurz Island Rothöll

Angelica (Angelica archangelica)

Healing powers

The angelica can be found in the northern hemisphere mainly in the subpolar and cool temperate climate zone. It prefers locations with nutrient-rich, moist soils such as streams and lakeside. The inflorescences of this perennial are impressive. With their double umbels shaped into a hemisphere, they crown each end of the stem. Small, light green flowers sit at the end of the numerous umbels. Each plant blooms only once and then dies. The strong main shoot can reach a height of up to three meters. Side shoots, which are protected by bracts at the beginning of their development, condense the majestic growth. Flowers and stems exude a strikingly aromatic fragrance.

As their name suggests, the healing powers are buried underground. The root contains essential oils and tannins that not only protect the plants themselves, but can also activate our defenses. In the name there is also an archangel who, according to legend, brought the plant to earth in times of great need. These days, as a component of protective incense, it will banish all kinds of unpleasant ghosts and goblins.

Tasche aus Fischleder
Rothöll Fischleder Design

Reed green salmon leather

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

The raw material of this salmon leather comes from certified organic salmon farms on the island of Ireland. In Thuringia, the fish skins are tanned in an environmentally friendly manner without the use of chrome. Special, purely vegetable tannins are used. The salmon leather is dyed with synthetic water-based dyes. It is therefore free of allergy-causing substances.

The tannery leaves the original pigmentation in the fish skin. That is why the gradient from the dark back to the light belly is always visible despite the color – together with the silvery shimmer of the smooth surface, each salmon skin has a unique texture. The lateral line of the fish is clearly visible, which enriches the otherwise calm surface with its small, regularly arranged scale pockets.

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