Luxury from waste

We all face the challenge using the oceans’ resources mindfully, and especially in work with animal products, a sense of awareness and responsibility are necessary to ensure that each part of the animal is used sensibly. Rothöll’s contribution is the transformation of industrial waste into luxurious and long-lasting leather wares. In this way, not only is the fish meat consumed, but also the seemingly worthless skins are transformed and remain in use long after the fish has been eaten.

Gems for a lifetime

Rothöll items are designed to be resilient. Our aim is to make leather goods, which much like precious gems, do not need to display their worth through excessive decoration, but rather though highlighting the unique beauty of the material with clear and unpretentious design. Their well-thought-out functionality makes Rothöll items practical for everyday use while the delicate sophistication adds just the right touch.
We regularly add new items and colour variations to our range of products. However, we refrain from producing trendy items for every season’s fashion carousel – creating a timelessly elegant look that never goes out of style is of much greater importance to us. Rothöll leather wares are meant to be reliable companions, maturing gracefully with time, strikingly eye-catching but not showy- and all that for many, many years.

Quality without compromise

All Rothöll items are handcrafted in small quantities. We also make individual items on request. Leipzig, Saxony, Germany is currently our home for production; here we can strike the perfect balance between quality and cost. Whenever we are faced with choosing between ‘fast’ and ‘good,’ we always opt for ‘good.’ This applies also to our choice of fittings, threads, zips and other notions and finishing touches.

Long-lasting design- made for durability

Rothöll is taking a stand against the throwaway culture and predetermined breaking points common to many products. Our fish leather takes on greater expressiveness and beauty over time- rather than aging, it patinates. Durable fittings, lasting threads and optimised stitching ensure that Rothöll’s bags and accessories withstand intensive use. Classically elegant designs with a certain twist set our products apart from in-your-face fashion trends.